A michigander from birth and made a mother a few years back, I pull from a deep well of personal healing, grief, longing, victory, and rejoicing in order to be here today. My personal path became my passion which then turned profession. I couldn't ask for more. 

I find immense joy in helping mothers wade the waters of pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood through a language very familiar to me - food. I believe in the power of Holy Spirit as Healer, food as medicine, innate wisdom as a teller, and simplicity trumping all. I seek to support you with tools to nourish your body for generations to come and help you to hold your head high in confidence as you choose deep nutrition day after day.  

It is through birth doula care that I crave to keep your birth protected, valued, honored, and you at the center of it all. I want to encourage you to trust your body's innate physiological ability to birth and birth well. You have all that you need within you and those that you need around you. You have the power of voice and choice. 

Nourishing our bodies is a holy act. 
Birthing our babies is a holy process. 
The hand of God is ever present within it all. 

It is so wonderful to meet you!