has been lost within the sea of rigidity, profit, hurry, quick fixes, bounce-back culture, individualism, and media. What was once cherished as sacred season of preparing, supporting, nurturing, and the slow and sacred healing process has been slighted. 
This is why I am here. I long to help guide mothers back to traditional forms of nourishment during their pregnancy and postpartum periods. I seek to support mothers as they labor with their baby to bring them into this world. Helping to protect their space, honor their innate wisdom as an individual and connection with their baby, and to help connect them to the lineage of women who have birthed fearlessly and femininely before them. 
Your journey is my heart and soul. 

It is hard to put into words that which happens to a woman when she opens up her heart to a child. What starts as a longing turns to a trying and waiting. Then to a growing, birthing, healing, and sustaining. The journey from maiden to mother is a journey unlike any other. It is holy, innate, generational, and euphoric. 
All glory be to God in the Garden when he commanded his people to be fruitful and multiply. With each child comes a new face of God the world has yet to see and a beautiful unfolding of the masculine and feminine calling. Together, creating life and home. 
The traditional practices of nourishing and supporting the mother during her child bearing years

my heart and soul

maiden to mother



1:1 client packages supporting pregnancy, postpartum and baby.

nutrition coaching



Home birth rental supplies

*serving southeast michigan*

birth rentals



2 prenatal appointments 

Assistance with building a birth plan

Face-to face-labor and birth support (per doula discretion, a backup doula to be considered if labor support goes beyond this time)

Immediate postpartum support post-delivery 

1 in-home postpartum visit

Local resource list

Call/text/email support starting at time of hire through pregnancy, labor and early postpartum

*serving southeast michigan*

birth doula



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Your sacred season is my area of support. 

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