- erika n.

"I was so excited to get the opportunity to talk with Sydney for a prenatal nutrition consult. I am a second time mom with a budding interest in woman’s fertility health and physiological pregnancy and birth. There’s a ton of information floating around out there but it’s hard to find a reliable source that’s also coming from a holistic framework! It was so cool to learn more about how the nutritional needs for mama and baby change throughout pregnancy, and how we can provide for those needs through real food and supplementation. 

I could immediately tell how knowledgeable and passionate Sydney is about using nutrition to support different stages of motherhood. As we went through what my eating and supplement habits are currently, she was so kind and encouraging about what I’m already doing well! We talked about some new foods to incorporate, how to build balanced meals, and some supplement swaps. She was also able to give me lots of practical advice about how to troubleshoot the times of day I struggle to eat well, particularly lunches and snacking since I am always busy during the day with my toddler. 

I came out of our meeting with a bunch of great information that made me much more confident in my nutritional goals. It was so informative without being overwhelming! Sydney absolutely equipped me to continue my pregnancy in a healthy and nourishing way, and effectively support myself and my growing baby!"

- delaney p.

"Hiring a doula for my first delivery was a dream of mine, and Sydney was such an answer to prayer! The encouragement, guidance, and resources she provided during our prenatal appointments were extremely beneficial.

During labor, Sydney was an excellent source of support as she consistently suggested various positions, gave breathing helps and prompts, provided counter pressure, reminded me to hydrate and replenish, and encouraged me. She especially excelled at becoming a team with my husband and I as she helped guide both of us.

Following labor, Sydney supported us by remaining with us immediately after the birth and by having a postpartum visit to ensure that I was doing still doing well. Overall, my husband and I were extremely pleased with her services.

Although her doula journey is in the first stages, she already carries herself as a confident, well-researched, and competent doula, and we would absolutely hire her again!"


"Five Stars! Sydney helped me so much through the first trimester of my second pregnancy. I was struggling with fatigue and constant nausea as well as a terrible reaction to my prescribed prenatal. I was completely overwhelmed with how I was supposed to get through the next months with a small toddler running around when I had my call with Sydney. She was able to get me on a new prenatal, assist me with some snack ideas to help with morning sickness, as well as periodically checking in on me to make sure that everything I was doing was working! Honestly could not recommend a prenatal nutritionist enough! Wish I had worked with her during my first pregnancy! Thank you Sydney!"

- lauren s.

- allison m.

The first words out of my husbands mouth when Sydney left after getting us all settled in to our Mom and Baby room was “I wish Sydney was still here”!

From the moment I hired her still to this day (now 6 weeks postpartum), Sydney has been a constant source of knowledge, comfort, wisdom, and the utmost support. Her steady, calming energy helped build my confidence leading up to labor and grounded me through every unexpected turn during my delivery. Her genuine care for me, my baby, and my birth experience shone through with every conversation we had.

Sydney’s expertise guided me while helping me build my birth plan and think through my different options, during every step in labor as we moved through different pain management techniques, and especially as she advocated for me and slowed things downs as it got intense and our plans had to change. She always remained calm and was a such source of peace for my husband who still reflects on what a difference she made for us!

It is so clear to us that the Holy Spirit has put an anointing on Sydney for supporting families in this life changing event. Hiring Sydney was the best decision we made for our birth plan, one we would make again and again!

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